Reflection: Having an Identity

Want to be successful? As a young writer, having an identity from experiences are how I become more successful at writing. Identifying my own strengths and weaknesses are key in keeping myself motivated to improve. The personality of a writer is defined by their perception on life, which is derived from the experiences that make them human.

The experiences I’ve shared through publishing photos and videos on social media, has assisted me in making the transition to blogging, as a more professional presence online. My understanding of communication in the world of social media, will further help me create an intriguing image to employers. I find blogging is img_0312similar to LinkedIn, but a more customizable experience that allows me to better share my perception of life.

My strengths within my field of writing have improved since the early Autumn months of 2016. The enhancement of my vocabulary has definitely made a positive impact to my writing; creating a more professional tone. This is something that makes a huge difference, when communicating with professors, employers and even my parents! Although strengths are what I pride myself on, weaknesses are what make me human.

My weaknesses will forever keep me motivated to become a great writer, and blogging is the perfect way to practice. Public speaking is a weakness that I am continuing to work on throughout school. Although I make great eye contact, the studying of information I’m trying to convey can be unclear at times.

Therefore, my strengths and weaknesses as a writer compliment one another, because they help me persevere through many challenges. My perception on life is derived from my experiences that form my identity, ultimately assisting me in becoming a more successful writer. Now allow me to ask, how well do you know yourself?


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