Intangible over Tangible

Intangible over Tangible

Obtaining above-average grades in post-secondary education courses, such as marketing and advertising will only take you so far in life. What I’ve learned by blogging is that intangible characteristics are more valuable than tangible ones to employers. Training myself to have the proper mindset when communicating with employers and members of authority is key.

Blogging is a strategy that I have taken seriously, and will continue to be a priority to me throughout the remainder of my post-secondary education. Charisma, respect, and professionalism are all important intangible aspects that employers look for in students today. I enjoy the aspect of sharing reflective content to assist people in understanding who I am, and portray a professional image to employers.

Posting to a global audience is nothing new to me mainly because of my experience with social media. Although they are personal accounts, I keep a certain degree of professionalism within my pages. I ensure that my photos, posts and shares do not compromise the integrity of my image as a student. For example, a photo of myself drunk at a college party would be a foolish item to share on Facebook, compared to a Snapchat group of close friends; I digress.

Maintaining access to my blog has definitely had an impact on the efficiency in which I work, in addition to my attention to proper formatting and vocabulary. Identifying my weaknesses and knowing how to use my strengths against them, which has assisted in shaping me as a person.

This helps me grow as a student by expressing my weaknesses and most importantly my strengths, through school work and various types of related research. Therefore, my further continuation of this blog will continue to sharpen my skills as a writer, and become more credible in the world of marketing and advertising.


Consumer Behaviour – The Hockey Dad


The uniqueness of the hockey dad is what draws my interest to consumer behaviour. The analysis took place at a Chapters location in Kingston, with a Starbucks attached to the premises. The consumer who I observed at Chapters was dressed as a business casual man; approximately age of 35 years old; observing novels in the sports section with a Starbucks coffee. I noticed he had a wedding ring, therefore it’s possible he is married with a family.IMG_1146

Based on the way he was dressed I would say he makes at least $60,000 per year. Hobbies of the consumer may include hockey or a previous occupation in hockey operations. The hockey novels suggest his willingness to enhance his understanding of previous hockey stories. The consumer may have a profession with a sports agency; forcing him to travel. Another possibility could be a scout for the OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs or a junior team.

The consumer may live in the Kingston area, confined to a middle-class house, large enough to raise a family. The cost of the house could range between $350,000 to $500,000 depending on the exact location within Kingston. The consumer’s choice in consuming Starbucks shows they are willing to pay more money than the competitor Tim Hortons, to have a more quality brew of coffee. This can be seen as a factor into the conclusion that this consumer makes at least $60,000 per year.

IMG_1144The reasoning behind choosing this consumer is the relationship between him and my father. My father Steve Bisson, is a former scout for the Guelph Storm of the OHL, a former 6th-round draft pick to the Montreal Canadiens in 1986, and is currently employed at Octagon Sports Agency. His interest in the game is reflected in the number of novels and souvenirs that form his collection. When someone has a passion for a sport, it fuels their interest to learn the game through different opinions and points of view.

Biographies, autobiographies and even sports magazines draw the consumer’s attention into the sport. Therefore it is within reason to suggest that this specific consumer had previous or current connections, with hockey operations in any form. The publisher The Hockey News inspired my decision to use the NHL’s 2017 Trade Deadline magazine an example of interest to my consumer. The extensive information regarding player movement and trade rumours are of interest to someone who follows hockey.

One of the few advertisements contained within this magazine that has a relevant theme to the target consumer, was made by Valvoline Motor Oil. It can be assumed IMG_1145that the majority of people interested in hockey are men, therefore they have a stronger interest in vehicles and other products that may enhance them. In the case of this advertisement, it is placed on the back cover of the magazine which is a prominently seen area when it’s being held. The Hockey News also decided to place an advertisement on the third page of their magazine. This specific advertisement was intended to entice consumers to listen to their podcast of hockey analysis and up-to-date news.

In conclusion, people who are interested in the sport of hockey are more inclined to make a purchase for a car or mechanical products, which is why there are so many sponsorship deals between hockey teams, television stations and dealerships. In addition, consumers who purchase hockey novels are also more likely to tune into the opinion of hockey analysis, such as The Hockey News’ Podcast.

Hockey dads may have similar interests such as the game of hockey and its aspects, but as my father knows, there is no shortage of unique personalities!

The Rise of Apple

Do you need a phone upgrade? You may not be alone. A recent comment from investors on Wall Street suggest that iPhone sales for Apple will be especially large come September. The Financial Post reports, “Many on Wall Street also believe strong sales of the iPhone 6S two years ago have left a larger-than-normal base of customers ready to upgrade.” There is truth to this statement.

The truth lies in the CTRC’s decision to discontinue three-year plans on mobile devices in June 2015. The iPhone 6S iphone-8-concept-15came out September 2015, featuring 3D Touch for the first time; allowing the screen to detect the difference between a touch and a press. Therefore, because most consumers who purchased an iPhone 6S in late 2015 are due for an upgrade. This subsequently contributes to the rise of Apple’s share price. However, this is not the only factor contributing to Apple’s rising stock.

Apple’s advertising hasn’t been the largest influence in their stock price, but rather the concept advertising done by many imaginative consumers. This, in addition to 2017 being the 10-year anniversary of the first iPhone; released in 2007. As leaks and other information pour out of the internet, there is a general consensus between consumers and investors with what the new iPhone’s features will be. Better battery life, a new OLED screen to also enhance battery life, and wireless charging are all contained within most concepts.

In conclusion, Apple’s advertising technique should be kept the same, because it reaches consumers, and it is heard as the truth. Concepts throughout the internet provide no truth, but rather an imaginative representation of what technology could evolve to one day. As for now, is looks as though Apple is moving in the right direction.

Reflection: Having an Identity

Want to be successful? As a young writer, having an identity from experiences are how I become more successful at writing. Identifying my own strengths and weaknesses are key in keeping myself motivated to improve. The personality of a writer is defined by their perception on life, which is derived from the experiences that make them human.

The experiences I’ve shared through publishing photos and videos on social media, has assisted me in making the transition to blogging, as a more professional presence online. My understanding of communication in the world of social media, will further help me create an intriguing image to employers. I find blogging is img_0312similar to LinkedIn, but a more customizable experience that allows me to better share my perception of life.

My strengths within my field of writing have improved since the early Autumn months of 2016. The enhancement of my vocabulary has definitely made a positive impact to my writing; creating a more professional tone. This is something that makes a huge difference, when communicating with professors, employers and even my parents! Although strengths are what I pride myself on, weaknesses are what make me human.

My weaknesses will forever keep me motivated to become a great writer, and blogging is the perfect way to practice. Public speaking is a weakness that I am continuing to work on throughout school. Although I make great eye contact, the studying of information I’m trying to convey can be unclear at times.

Therefore, my strengths and weaknesses as a writer compliment one another, because they help me persevere through many challenges. My perception on life is derived from my experiences that form my identity, ultimately assisting me in becoming a more successful writer. Now allow me to ask, how well do you know yourself?

Welcome to Connected

Welcome to Connected

Welcome to my personal blog Connected, my name is Ben Bisson and I invite you to explore more About MeThis blog will convey an image as to who I am as a person, and what my intentions are moving forward in the forever changing world of business. Many of my assignments will be posted in the Projects tab throughout this semester of school.

To whom it may concern, I look forward to sharing my work with you, as I hope to evolve into a successful business student.

Stay connected!